Configure Your Linksys Router

Linksys, known for manufacturing the network routers. Routers, responsible for providing better connectivity to the laptops, mobile phones.

There are various types of routers available in the market, all vary in terms of brands, features, price, size, etc.To know more about the routers Asus Router Customer Service

1-If you want to create a home network or want to secure the network from the other users, follow the given points. 

2-To make any changes to the Router, a user is required to access the routers official page.

3-To do this a device must be connected to the good speed internet.

4-A user can access the Linksys Routers official page by typing the IP address as

5-If the internet connection of the Router is not working properly, restart the Router by pressing the restart button given at the Router.

6-After accessing the official page, option for username and password will appear on the screen.

7-Enter the default password admin in both the options or refer the manual of the router for the same.

8-If you are not able to remember the password set by you, reboot the Router.
The other option for making a change in the Linksys router is the use of configuration software.

9-Many Linksys routers come with this configuration router CDs, with the help of this, a user is not required to access the browser and there is no need for entering the username and password. Linksys Router Customer support Number  

Set wireless network-

*After accessing the official page of the Router, basic setup page will appear on the screen. On the given page select the option named with the WLAN.

* Under this option, SSID option comes on the screen. SSID is the name of the network. In this option, enter the name of the network, this will appear in the list of the available networks, avoid using your private information.

* After entering the SSID, enable the Broadcast SSID option, enabling this allows the network to be discovered easily.

* To secure the network, a user is required to keep the password of the network. To keep the password, go to the Wireless security option given on the official page.

* Under this, password and password confirmation option will appear. Enter the password according to your need, enter the same password in both the option.

* Try to make the password as strong as possible, with the help of special characters.
After making the above-said changes, click on the save button, given at the bottom of the page. 

* By following the above-said points, you will be able to create a secured home network. if you have any query related to the router then you can visit us on the TP-Link Customer Service